About Us

Our Philosophy

Mission Statement

We aim to provide all our clients with a personal, prompt and cost effective service.

We are committed to providing courtesy, specialisation and skill rendered with a high degree of effort, reflecting genuine respect for our valued clients.

A History of DMF

Morris Fuller & Associates was established on 1st March 1986.  During 1990 the firm acquired the practice of Ducray and Associates and in 1991, the practice of Kerry King of Pinetown.  In February 1992 Mike Williams merged his practice, Hayward Williams of Westville, with Morris Fuller & Associates and Mike Williams and Adrian Walden were the founding partners of the current practice.

These were growth years and in 1994 we purchased the practice of Thornhill & Company in Hillcrest.  In 1999 we refocused the practice and were pleased that Rob Thornhill, the son of the founder, was able to acquire this practice from us.

Having practised out of Pinetown since 1992, we moved to our own building in Westville at the end of 2004.

We have ten Attorneys namely: Thuli Ngcobo (Director), Mike Williams (Director), Chantele Schutzler (Director), David Hall (Director), Andrew Leaker (Director), Morris Fuller (Consultant), Samantha Van Rooyen (Conveyancer and Notary Public), Sharon Mowat (Attorney) and Alyssa Smith (Attorney). Our Candidate Attorneys are Muzi Kheswa and Zahra Paruk.  We have a staff complement of 38.

Our staff are carefully selected, highly skilled people who will give value to you and your business.  A significant feature of our practice is the fact that our paralegals have in the main, been with the firm for upwards of 15-20 years and take great pride in being part of the Morris Fuller Williams team and the firm’s very strong family ethos. 

Our firm specialises in Property Law, Commercial Law, Litigation, Collections, Family Law, Labour Law, Criminal Law, Arbitration and Mediation, Estate Planning and Administration of Estates, Licensing and Liquidations. 

Our Approach

Our approach is founded on three principles: 

  1. Firstly, to achieve constructive cost effective solutions;
  2. Secondly, to build sound and lasting personal relationships with our clients;
  3. Thirdly, a commitment to on-going education and self-improvement.

Our professional staff involve themselves in areas allied to legal practice to broaden their perspectives and to achieve sound optimum solutions for our clients. 

It is a current trend to seek a “specialist” to assist with legal problems.  While certain areas of the law do require specialisation, being the areas in which we have concentrated our skill and expertise, the overriding principle of sound common sense legal advice remains of universal application.  Should you instruct us in a matter which we regard as requiring further specialised advice, we will certainly enlist the assistance of a specialist.  This need not necessarily be another lawyer (advocate) and could be e.g. an accountant or forensic auditor.

In a Nutshell

The law impacts on virtually all aspects of our daily lives, from building a house to buying a hamburger from a franchised fast food outlet i.e. construction law or franchise law. 

While we may not have mentioned each and every aspect of the law, our practice can advise you in all areas of the law.  We have set out in broad outline those areas of the practice of particular specialisation, but we would welcome the opportunity to be of assistance to you on all matters.

Our success derives from rapid and effective response, and our aim is to constantly enhance our services.

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