A number of retail outlets across the country have taken to hiking prices of essential items in reaction to the news of the nationwide Lockdown. This conduct is strictly prohibited in terms of Regulation 350 of Government Gazette No. 11057 of 19 March.

The public is urged to report significant and abrupt increases in the price of goods and services by contacting the National Consumer Commission Hotline, dedicated for COVID19, to report any suspected violation of the above regulation

Telephone contact number: 0800-014-880

- after completing the NCC Complaints form that can be obtained from their website at We have also attached a copy of the form to our News page on our website here.


Letter to DMF clients on shutdown

09 Apr 2020

COVID-19: Insolvency

09 Apr 2020

DMF covid 19 insolvency

Change of company name

06 Nov 2018

mfw news

Child Welfare Crazy hats Fun Walk

10 Jun 2017

mfww fun walk

Pro-Active Crime Prevention - TALK by Johann Von Bargen

10 Feb 2017
Pro-Active Crime Prevention - TALK by Johann Von Bargen

PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE - Join the Upper Highway and Westville community at a FREE talk by Johann Von Bargen (JVB) on Pro-Active Crime Prevention.

ENOUGH is ENOUGH - We want every member of our community to be equipped with the knowledge of how to prevent and behave in a risky or dangerous situation.

This in not the time to be complacent - See you on the 16th Feb at 7 pm - Westville Boys High School - Hall.

Contact us now to draft your will and plan your estate

26 Sep 2016


We are very pleased to announce the merger of the legal firms Morris Fuller Walden Williams Inc. and Fuller & Company with effect from 01 June 2015.



New staff members

04 Feb 2015

We welcome Craig Laidlaw and Jason MacDonald to our team.


Articled Clerks 2014

04 Sep 2014
Articled Clerks 2014

We have great pleasure in announcing our new Articled Clerk for 2014, Shanan Taylor.

Shanan commenced her articles with us on 2 January 2014, and has quickly established herself as an efficient, polite and eager member of our team.

To learn more about Shanan, visit our Attorneys page.

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