Our firm is an active supporter of alternative dispute resolution procedures, as we know that it is highly effective, and often results in a substantial reduction in costs as are usually associated with court litigation.

The mediation option provides an informal setting in which the parties can discuss the issues, guided by a mediator who is appointed on the understanding that he is an expert in the relevant area of law.

The arbitration proceedings are more formal, and are conducted much the same as a trial, except that it is far more cost-effective and swift. It further allows the parties to choose the arbitrator, thereby ensuring a beneficial outcome.

Specific Services
Settlement negotiations

Chantele heads our team of dynamic attorneys who are ready to assist with any matter that requires to be brought before a court or any other tribunal (CSOS, Arbitration, Mediation). We are well versed in all areas of law that require or will result in litigation, with the aim of providing the most efficient , cost effective and beneficial outcome for our clients.

Specific Services
All Magistrate and High Court matters, including (but not limited to) the following specific claims:

Monies lent and owing
Goods sold and delivered Services rendered
Default on credit applications
Motor vehicle accidents
Breach of contract
Damages for personal injury
Accident Fund
Arrear rental collection and evictions (residential and commercial)
Consumer Protection Act disputes
Sectional Title disputes

General Debt Recoveries
Andrew Leaker heads up the Banking and Corporate Recoveries Department and Ronel van As and Melissa Meyer assist in a separate specialised Debt Recovery Department.

Mike Williams specialises in this field of law, having over thirty years of experience. He is assisted by select associates in the firm, in order to ensure prompt and dedicated service to our valuable clients.

We see ourselves as part of a team working for you, and involve various other role players, such as your accountant or financial institution. We have therefore established a network of professionals who are ready to assist where necessary.

We consider the most advantageous or appropriate solution for client, based on their specific needs.

Specific Services
Drafting of various contracts
Ensuring compliance with legislation and the Companies & Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC)
Mergers and acquisitions
Formation of corporate entities
Miscellaneous corporate issues
Compliance with the National Credit Act 34 of 2005
Liquidation procedures
Business Rescue applications
Intellectual Property and related matters
Engineering contracts and disputes
Franchise agreements

We realise that criminal matters are highly personal and have the potential to affect one’s dignity. Therefore, in acting as your defence attorney, we understand that prompt assistance is vital to ensuring your freedom is protected, and your safety guaranteed. Your matters remain completely confidential and we ensure that your constitutional rights are protected, regardless of the nature of the alleged infringement.

Specific Services
Bail applications
Unlawful arrest
Offences: trial and plea bargaining
General advice

Mike Williams heads this Department, working together with Anona Morris, Sharon Mowat and Ayesha Moodley, who are exceptionally skilled and experienced in dealing with the winding-up and administration of deceased Estates and Testamentary and Inter Vivos Trusts.
We will advise you in planning your Estate, working with your professional financial advisors or accountant, utilising the various Estate planning options available to you.
We will also advise on the compiling of the relevant schedule of documentation to be kept with your Will as this greatly assists the Executor when the time comes to wind up your Estate.
We understand that the passing of a loved one is an extremely stressful and emotional time for the family and we are there to assist and lift the burden and attend to the formalities at that time.

Specific Services
Planning and structuring estates
Administration of deceased estates
Formation of trusts (testamentary and inter-vivos)
Drafting wills

We understand that this area of law requires a great deal of sensitivity and care. Our professional staff provides the necessary emotional support and attention according to each client’s needs.

In providing this service, we attend to negotiations and settlement, including drafting the relevant agreements, including a Parenting Plan, where applicable.

We conduct family law matters on the strict basis that any decision made must be in the best interests of the children involved in the family.

We strongly advocate the use of divorce mediation, where we endeavour to settle matters in an amicable way before approaching the courts.

Specific Services
Ante-nuptial Contracts and advice on matrimonial property regimes
Maintenance matters: spouse and children
Protection Orders where necessary

Whilst the workplace generally provides for exciting opportunities, it is inevitable that problems will arise, as employment is a natural part of our lives.

Our attorneys, Mike Williams, Andrew Leaker and Thuli Ngcobo, are fully versed on employment law and up to date with the latest developments in this area of practise.

Specific Services
Employment contracts CCMA
Litigation (Labour Court)
Strike action
Discrimination and unfair dismissal
Restraint of Trade

This is a specialised area of commerce law regulated by our director, Chantele Schutzler, assisted by Ronel Van As. We prepare, draft and submit the relevant application on your behalf, and deal with any queries from the National Liquor Board. This includes both off-consumption and on-consumption licences, as well as temporary or occasional licences.

Specific Services
Application for a new licence
Transfer ownership of existing licence
Dealing with complaints and compliance requests from the National Liquor Board

This department is headed by Samantha Van Rooyen. Our conveyancing staff are very experienced in property law and can assist you not only in the selling of your property but also the sub-division, consolidation or extending of your sectional title unit. Samantha is knowledgeable in the areas of sectional title, share blocks as well as freehold transfers. We are also experts in the drafting and preparation of all bonds including notarial contracts.

We have a highly skilled and knowledgeable team of conveyancing paralegals in the department who also keep in close and regular contact with estate agents, sellers, purchasers and banks. We serve on the panels of the leading financial institutions.

With the recent amendment to the Sectional Titles Act we can assist Body Corporates with disputes, arrear levy collections and the extensions of sections.


Mike Williams specialises in commercial law, this includes commercial contracts, sale and purchase of businesses, companies and close corporations, partnerships and joint ventures, credit applications, leases and franchises, trading trusts, commercial litigation or arbitration.

Mike assisted by Martyn also deals with liquidations and business rescue matters.

In commercial transactions we see our role as part of a team including for example, the client's accountant, financial advisor and/or bankers with whom we liaise closely, not only in the drafting of the appropriate agreements, but also in the structuring of the particular commercial transaction.

As a result of this approach we have built up a considerable network of accountants, financial advisors and brokers with whom we work closely in commercial transactions.

Our commercial team works very closely with the conveyancing team where these transactions involve aspects of property law or notarial bonds, in keeping with our team concept.

Specific Services
Transfers of immovable property
Cancelling and registering bonds



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