Civil Litigation


Our team of dynamic attorneys are ready to assist with any matter that requires to be brought before a court. We are well versed in all areas of law that require or result in litigation, with the aim of providing the most efficient, cost effective and beneficial outcome for client. This applies to both individual clients, and corporate entities.

Specific Services

All Magistrate and High Court matters, including (but not limited to) the following specific claims:

  • Monies lent and owing
  • Goods sold and delivered or hired
  • Professional services rendered
  • Default on credit applications
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Breach of contract
  • Damages for personal injury
  • Road Accident Fund
  • Arrear rental collection and evictions (residential and commercial)
  • Consumer Protection Act disputes

 General Debt Recoveries

This is one of our biggest areas of practise which takes various forms, most of which are detailed in the first few points above.

We have a separate department that is dedicated solely to this speciality, headed up by our Professional Assistant, Ronel Van As, who is assisted by Maudrey Mchunu, Melissa Meyer and Ruth Msweli. All of our Associates are also highly skilled in this area of the law.

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